Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kleenex, DayQuil, & Nipple Soothing Cream.

Yes. Nipple soothing cream. And, no, I'm not breastfeeding. I've blown/wiped my nose approximately 76 times per hour for the past three days. My nose is raw. Burning raw. 

After practically crying the last time I had to blow my nose, I went on a manhunt for something, anything to soothe it. The popsicle (yes..popsicle. Don't judge me.) felt good at first before starting to burn. The Vicks stung like a mother. Nothing. Was. Working. 
So, I searched my very unorganized medicine cabinet and there it was, the Medela Tender Care Lanolin. It once healed my burning, bleeding nipples, and a nose is kind of like a nipple, right? Okay, no, it's not... but it was SOMETHING. I grabbed a q-tip and generously applied the nipple cream all over my swollen nose. Relief. Somewhat, at least. Then, without even a half-second passing, I sneezed one of those big, lots-a-snot sneezes and had to torture my poor nose again. I give up.

This. Freakin'. STINKS.

Just in the brief time it took to type the short paragraphs above, I've already sneezed once and had to do a follow-up blow.

My throat is sore. I have a sinus headache. My ears are hurting. My body is aching.

I keep reminding myself that I only have a few more hours before my husband is home and I can bitch and moan to him while he totally babies me. Because he's freakin' awesome.

Raymond took off of work yesterday for me. By the time his alarm went off, I had gotten maybe 20 minutes of sleep. Between me throwing up from coughing so much, constant sneezing, blowing my nose every five minutes, ripping apart our medicine cabinet and our teething toddler, I was miserable and he knew it.  

Once he got the OK from his Sgt. to have the day off, he went into total Husband-of-the-Year mode. Propping me up with pillows, setting up our Vicks Vaporizer, and loading me up with meds. (he finally found the DayQuil that I knew I had bought but couldn't remember where I put..)  
Feeling unbelievably relieved to not have to tackle the day on zero sleep while feeling like crap with three kiddos, I fell into a deep slumber. And slept until 3 in the afternoon! I couldn't believe it when I looked at my phone and saw what time it was. What scared me more was the silence from the front rooms. Where was my family!?!? 

I grabbed my robe and crept down the hall (literally crept.. I'm so dramatic and watch too many movies/shows - I had a million Law&Order scenarios swirling in my head). What did I find? My husband, relaxing on the couch watching football. In a clean living room. A clean, kid-less living room. He had cleaned both the kitchen and the living room, folded & put away the two baskets of clothes that I had meant to do two days before, and had the kids all down for their afternoon naps. Yeah. Mental note to rock his world once I'm not a coughing, snotty mess. 

I'm well aware how lucky I am to have snagged such an awesome hubby. I'm so thankful for that day off yesterday. And, while I'm complaining today since he's back at work, I'm trying to keep in mind that there are so many women who wouldn't even be able to dream of a day off like I had yesterday.

So, with my tissues in one hand and the remote in the other, I'm going to take advantage of the remainder of my kids' extremely late nap (that I'm sure to regret at 8:30 tonight) and watch some Long Island Medium off my DVR.

Until next time...






  1. Oh honey, I feel you. I swear, one of the days I was sick (right after the kids got over being sick) I felt like I was sneezing every 5 minutes. It was ridiculous. I hope you start feeling better QUICK.

    1. Thank you! I sure hope so, too. I think my nose is about ready to pack its bags and run away!!

  2. So sorry you are sick. Hope you get well soon. Your hubby sounds amazing. Yea, maybe you do need to rock his world when you are able.

  3. Thank you! I have a small case of the sniffles still lingering, but nothing major anymore, thank goodness! And, after the sneezing subsided, the nipple soothing cream seriously has helped my poor nose!

    P.S. status as of yesterday: his world has been rocked. ;) Haha