All About Me

I'm a small town Texas girl that married a small town Texas guy. Six years and three kids later, sarcasm and alcohol has taken over the "Moms-Can't-EVER-drink-and-I-HAVE-to-Be-Perfect" mindset I used to have. 

(Disclaimer: I'm in no way, shape, or form an alcoholic. Hell, I don't even drink all that often. So calm down, Judgy McJudgersons!)

I'm a stay at home Mom, which means that my feet are dirty from walking on crushed cereal and who-knows-what-else covered floors, and that I'm a little crazy. The good crazy, though.
My days are spent wiping butts and noses, playing on my laptop and/or watching my DVR shows, then rushing to clean the house like a madwoman when 6 o'clock rolls around so that my husband doesn't find out how lazy I am during the day.

My three kids that I wouldn't hesitate to die for are also quite often the source of my exhaustion and crankiness. They annoy the heck outta me regularly and know all the drive-me-crazy buttons by heart. BUT, but, but BUT... they're so flippin' cute. And sweet. And SMART, oh gosh, they're all so smart. And, I'd trade a million days in paradise for just one with them, true story. They may be little monsters, but they're MY little monsters and I love those babies to pieces, I tell ya. 

I've lived in the country my entire life and will never, I repeat never, move anywhere inside city limits. I hated living in the boondocks when I was younger; swore I'd leave the second I was able. I despised my parents for making us work on our ranch every weekend, for making my friends work on the ranch if they came over - fixing fences, tending to cattle, hauling hay, going to cattle auctions... to a social teenage girl, it was my own little hell. Little did I know, the country was making its mark on my little ol' heart. I left, thinking I'd never go back...then, I got married and felt my hometown pulling on my heartstrings. I knew in my heart that I wanted my kids to be raised with my same values and with the life lessons that only the country can teach you. So, we moved back to the same town I was raised in and have been here for over six years now. This little ol' country town has helped me raise one hell of a country boy and two sweet but tough little girls.

I'm a proud Christian, but not the cookie-cutter version that some people may think of when they hear that. I'm not perfect. I cuss more than I should, I judge, I'd totally consider stepping outside my marriage for George Strait (kidding. kind of), and I have so much that I could be more thankful for. "We pray before we eat, before we start our day, before we fall asleep, 'cause in God we trust and we believe."

I'm an open book. My real-life friends can tell you that nothing is off limits when it comes to my daily conversations. I embarrass my husband often, (because although he's a freak in the sheets ;)), he does not like to talk about it in front of people. So, naturally, that means that I do it a lot. Because I'm a nice wife that respects my husband's boundaries. (not)

I don't 'get out' often, so reading is my escape. Curling up with a good book and losing myself to the words is almost like living a double life for a little while. I'm a cliche series reader. I've read the Twilight series, The Hunger Games (LOVED), Fifty Shades of Grey (yummy). I'm also cuh-razy about all things Harry Potter.

I try to be crafty; I'm a Pinterest whore DIY nut. I have no less than a million and one projects on my to-do list and even more on my husband's Honey-Do list. I've successfully completed quite a few and I'm crazy proud of 'em.

Inspirational quotes are my favorite. Hilarious movie quotes are better. Sarcastic, funny, (and sometimes mean) E-Cards are the best.

I'm not a writer and I'll never claim to be. I'm not working on a book, I've never been published and I don't have any plans to pursue that whole thing at all. I'm not all that great with words - I just try to use punctuation correctly and good grammar, then hope it comes together in a somewhat legible manner.

This blog is mine and I'll write what I want. If you're looking for a blog that's always funny or for posts that could go viral at any second, you're in the wrong place. I mostly want to write about my family and our day to day life out on the ranch, my all-over-the-place thoughts, my opinions that could start a riot on Facebook.. I pretty much just wanted a place on the web to call my own. 

Welcome to my home, you guys! Stay a while. And take off your effing shoes! Jeez!


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