Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of Those Days..

  First, I wake up to my 16 month old standing in her crib, on top of her pillow, WITHOUT a diaper. Of course, she peed. A lot. Not just on her pillow, but all over the crib. Grab her, take her to the bathroom, give her a quick bath. Diaper & dress her, go into the kitchen, strap her into her booster seat with a banana & go to strip her crib and throw it into the wash. 
   Normally, it wouldn't suck so bad, but a couple months ago our dryer broke (y'know, the one we JUST paid off in February. Ugh.) and we still haven't bought the piece we need to fix it. So, I either have to hang dry everything or drive to my Grandma's down the road and use her dryer. Seeing as how 1) It's FREEZING outside so I doubt it'll dry the clothes out on the line. And, 2) We're a one vehicle family and my husband is at work, so there's no way to take the clothes to my Grandma's until after 7 pm. This happened at 8 am. I decide to think about that later and just go ahead and get the day started.

   Log into my email and then check the bank like I always do. NEGATIVE BALANCE. WHAT?!?! There's NO way. This was a good, cushioned check with lots of breathing room. This is a mistake. Hurriedly check the history on the account and once I see what's wrong, I FREAK. Two loan payments that were supposed to be deferred, as our December payments always are (for the past 5 years), thanks to a great friend and VP of our bank as a "Christmas gift", was all taken out of the account. I call my husband at work, freak out, cry; he's not at a computer, but he promises to take a break and call the bank to get it all figured out. 

  While I'm on the phone freaking out, my son wakes up and asks if he can pour his own milk in his cereal like a big boy. Normally, I'd say yes and then supervise, but he asked at the moment when I was half paying attention and still freaking out to my husband, so I didn't actually process his question and just nodded my head. Fast forward a half minute and CRASH. I jerk my head from my computer screen, drop my phone, and turn to the kitchen - spilled milk, scattered cereal, and a broken glass bowl that he's not even supposed to use in the first place. He immediately starts crying, I grab by phone, hurry a 'okay, gotta go, call me on break. Love you, bye' to my husband and pick my son up to comfort him and let him know it was my fault and that he's not in trouble. Thankfully, I have awesome dogs that pretty much cleaned up the food mess faster than I could start on cleaning it, so all I had to do was pick up the pieces of the bowl and swirl a wet dish rag on the floor a couple times. Done. 

   I quickly get my son a new bowl of cereal, see that Paisley is done with her banana and toss a few cut up strawberries onto her tray and realize my oldest daughter isn't up yet. I walk down the hall, hear her talking and open the door to see that she's used her new nailpolish and painted on her table in her room. She tries to explain that she was painting her friends' nails (yes, she has an imaginary friend, and boy, that's a WHOLE 'nother post) and just hands me her bag of make-up (that her lovely Nana got her for Christmas). At that point, I didn't even have the energy to reprimand or ask her WHY she even had her make-up out in her room without asking. I got her set-up with breakfast and just laid on the couch. 

   Throughout the day, it's been equally as hectic thanks to my toddler who has just learned how to climb and is on top of the coffee table, picnic table we use for home-preschool, couch, you name it. On a normal day, none of that would have bothered me a super lot, but for some reason, I've been in a HORRIBLE funk all day, even before any of that started, which made my reactions to the chaos THAT much worse. Which, in turn, makes me feel terribly guilty. It's not their fault that I'm having a bad day, so why am I taking it out on them? I hate being short with them or not up for playing. I'm hoping that once my husband gets home from work tonight, I can sit down with my cheap wine and read my favorite book that I just restarted, Scarlett. The fact that this is my husband's three day weekend coming up helps to relieve some of this stress. 

   And, for anyone wondering, I did get a call this afternoon from my husband, letting me know that everything with the bank was figured out & there's nothing to stress over with that. Thank you, Baby Jesus, 'cause I hate being broke! I'm hoping to come back tomorrow with a better attitude and be rid of this annoying, woe-is-me bull. Until next time! 



  1. One, I feel ya... it's been one of those MONTHS for us!

    Two, I'm glad Raymond got it sorted out. Being money-less blows.

    Three, WELCOME to blogland. I absolutely love your blog title AND your About Me & stuff. :)

    Four, I love you sisterfriend. <3

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to be here! And, thanks again - I kind of threw this all together last night and made some changes this morning before feeling comfortable enough to tell people about it!
      Love you, sisterfriend. <3

  2. YICKS!!! Oh how I miss those climbing days...NOT...Hold on to your seat enjoy these tiny moments cuz those little squirts grow up to lovely teenagers! **YES...snarky comment** Seriously glad your day turned out good with your bank problem and kids grow up to fast as you can see your "big boy" wants to it all by himself=) So enjoy every moment!

    Cheers Doll!!

    1. Oh, I know! All three of my kids were born back to back, so by the time one got out of the "baby" stage, I was already pregnant and was having another. Now that my baby isn't such a baby, and there's no chance of another bun in the oven, it's hitting me hard that they're all growing way too fast. Trying my hardest to savor these moments because I know they'll be just memories before I know it!
      Thanks for reading!!! :)

  3. I am like a billion percent sure we live the same life. I love this post! Can't wait to read more- you know, not on my cel at 2:38am :)

    1. Haha, I've always read all your blogs and thought to myself, "Oh, wow, THAT'S ME." or "I swear she's blogging about MY family." You've got me topped by two babies, but I'm pretty sure we're living very similar kinds of beautiful chaos!

      Thanks for reading & for following!!! :)

  4. I feel like I already know you! We can be newbies together ;) xo

    1. Aw, thanks! And heck yes! Newbies rock. :)